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Bookkeeping software to manage a direct sales home business
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Direct Sell Assistant will help direct sales consultants to focus more on selling their products rather than worrying about paper work. Direct Sell Assistant is easy to use and does not need a course to learn how to use it as with some accounting software. Direct Sell Assistant will help in the following ways:
Contact Management: Keeping your customers happy is to stay in contact with them. Direct Sell Assistant keeps all the contact information you need to send gifts or making a call to your customers.
Multiple Companies: If you are selling products for more than one company, you might need to keep record of orders on each company's software solution. With Direct Sell Assistant you can track all your orders, payments and expenses for multiple companies, and keep an eye on your business' performance.
Order Management: Isn't embarrassing ordering the wrong products for a customer, or demanding more money that is actually ordered, or giving the wrong order to the wrong customer? Direct Sell Assistant will help you get your orders in order and make sure no order gets confused with another, and you will stay on top off all those outstanding orders.
Payment Management: No more arguing about outstanding balances, Direct Sell Assistant allows you to keep track of all payments received from your customers, together with their orders you can provide them with a statement on their order and payment history. Also keep track of payments to companies and Direct Sell Assistant can work out your commission.
Expense Tracking: All those expenses to host a party or to buy gifts for your customers, or any other business expenses, can be recorded in Direct Sell Assistant, allowing you to see if you are making a profit or a loss.
Customer Service: Direct Sell Assistant provides reports to deliver to your customers that will complement your customer service strategies.
Direct Sell Assistant will help you focus more on your direct sales home business strategies and l

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